Pastor Joel Osteen Tells Ben Tankard’s Uplifting Testimony Globally

Ben Tankard could have given up. He could have continued along the downward path of poverty his parents before him struggled with.

Well into Tankard’s adult years it appeared that the trend would repeat itself as the six foot six former ball player found his NBA dreams shattered after a career ending injury.

The man who would later be known as the “Godfather of Gospel Jazz” became a dog catcher, making just above minimum wage.

Take a listen to the full testimony as Pastor Joel Osteen tells it to the largest congregation in America, Lakewood Church.

Click the link here to watch the video:

As you listen, I encourage you to always trust in God no matter how bleak the situation may look. HE can bring you out, and comfort you in the midst of the storm. STAY ON THE PATH!

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